Indonesian Massage

Indonesian Massage

Mande Lular (Royal Wedding Treatment)

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Indonesian Massage

Originating from Indonesia’s spice islands this treatment works on the energy lines and Marma points of the body. The Mande Lular massage cleansing properties and benefits are also related to the chakra points of the body.

When you come for a massage you will:

  • Undergo a thorough consultation process which is completely confidential.
  • Shown where to undress and how to lay on the couch and cover yourself with towels.
  • You will receive a full body exfoliation to revitalise and invigorate the body and remove dead skin cells, this is rinsed off with warm mitts.
  • You will the receive a massage with dry hands.
  • You will then receive a deep tissue Massage using Mande Lular Body Oils.
  • Lastly you will recieve a massage with Cream.

In effect you get each body area massaged three times! Complete pampering luxury!

indonesian pampering massage

Indonesian, Pampering Massage

Indonesian Massage is a deep compression massage and is started dry to warm the body then oils are added, such as coconut Oil, which is strongly therapeutic and has a beneficial effect on the body’s circulation and lymphatic system by releasing its regenerative and self-healing powers. Essential Oils are also used to boost this already therapeutic massage. This massage will leave you feeling uplifted, refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energised.

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