Baby Massage Classes

Baby Massage Classes

baby massage north cave brough hull

Baby Massage, One to One or Small Group North Cave Nr Hull/Brough

This is a  massage training course where our I will teach you – the parent to massage safely and correctly your baby.

What better way to bond with your infant child than through touch. A practise that can be traced back for 3000 years. The art of Mother and baby connecting with each other through massage has been in use since the Qing dynasty of China, from the 1600’s, and in ancient India through ayurvedic medicine, spreading around the globe to areas such as Africa and the former Soviet Union. Currently, Mothers in Southern Asian countries use its’ benefits to promote bone structure, healthy weight gain and limb coordination.

During the past 30 years, however, we have become more aware of the traditional methods for treating the body and relaxing our minds. And as time has gone by we have sought newer and older ways of incorporating massage into our daily lives. Once established that massage has had benefits to our own bodies we have reached out and extended the calming and healing nature of this ancient practice to others around us and now even our own infant children in the hope that the ‘feel good’ factor of this art can be experienced by all.

During baby massage classes I always demonstrate on a semi weighted doll.


Massage and blood circulation

Baby Massage can boost the flow of blood through the body which helps to alleviate tension in the muscles, keeps the mind alert and the body active, promoting a healthier sense of ones’ self.

Massage and the Lymphatic System

Baby Massage can help to alleviate the build up of toxic matter in the body by boosting the efficiency of the lymphatic system.

Massage and the Muscular System

If muscles are held in an abnormal state of contraction for long periods of time the flow of blood and lymph through the fibres is restricted. Under these conditions the muscles can be starved of oxygen and nutrients and toxic waste products begin to build up, causing stiffness and discomfort.

Massage and the Skin

The massage has many beneficial effects on the condition of the skin and hair. As the circulation of blood and lymph is stimulated, fresh supplies of oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the cells and toxic waste is removed.

Massage and Stress

Massage works on a physical and psychological level simultaneously. On a physical level the massage relaxes tense muscles, eases aches and pains, mobilises joints and regulates blood and lymph circulation.

As the primary focus of this massage is the baby, we will first look at what benefits this will have for him/her:

Symptomatically speaking, baby massage can be an effective way of relieving common ailments with babies such as wind, constipation, colic and teething pain.

Physically it can improve a babies limb mobility, body awareness, coordination and aid digestion.

When distressed it can be used to alleviate episodes of crying, increase levels of relaxation and aid towards a more peaceful sleep.

Emotionally, massage, as a way of promoting skin to skin contact between mother/father and child, will help the baby to feel more attached to the parent and secure and safe. At a stage where verbal communication is limited, touch can be a powerful instrument to express love.


Strengthens Immune Response & Calms the baby and parent

Improves condition of the skin & Facial massage and promote easier breathing

Helps in the coordination of limbs in movement

Benefits for the Parent are much more emotional rather than physical, as the baby is receiving all the attention, and possibly gaining relief from some ailment.

For the Parent, massaging your baby will strengthen the bond between you, enabling you to become more attached as a parent.

It can help to reduce the effects of post-natal depression amongst Mothers by creating one-to-one contact time. A time that should be cherished in getting to know your child.

You will gain a better understanding of your baby’s behaviour patterns, crying episodes and body language. You will become aware of how they respond to certain touches and what methods calm them the most.

The more quality time that is spent with baby will increase your own confidence in being a parent and develop your nurturing abilities to their fullest.


For dates please contact us on 0791 709 7419.

If you know a few parents with babys then get some names together for those interested and contact me. You can all learn together!

Training will take place in a peaceful relaxing environment. All materials provided, all you will need to bring a is towel and clean nappys and any other essentials you need when venturing out with your baby!!!

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